Quotes from Students

Quotes from Creekside Music Students

posted Dec 29, 2008, 3:03 PM by Wendy Higdon   [ updated Dec 19, 2011, 4:27 PM ]

What’s so cool about Performing Arts? 

Here’s what some of our students had to say.

It’s a great activity to relieve stress and have fun!  David, violin

It is a great learning experience.  Avery, trumpet

It’s a great opportunity that you might regret passing up when you get older. 
Playing an instrument could be a lifelong skill.   Gabby, cello

It is an incredible experience to learn to play a new instrument.
It is a really good feeling to master a new note or song.  Anna, clarinet

I love playing the music because when I play it feels like
I am finally getting a break from the day
Sabrina, violin

The teachers are great and really care about you.  Grace, percussion

Playing makes your day happier.  If you get mad or have a conflict,
orchestra is a great place to let those feelings out with your music.  Jeffrey, violin

It is so thrilling to play an instrument.  Lauren, clarinet

I love coming to orchestra every day knowing I will learn something 

new and I love spending time with my friends.  Abigail, violin

It is the best part of the day.  Jimmy, trombone

                                                  It’s a lot of fun because you are able to be with your friends or make new ones.  Elyse, violin

I think it’s pretty cool when you get new concert music and you can recognize it or where it is from.  Morganne, violin

I enjoy being part of the harmony that combines different instruments.  David, clarinet

You only get one chance to join band as a beginner.  At first, all I thought about was study hall, 

then I joined band and I loved it!  It is so much fun!  Julie, clarinet

You get recognized for your musical talent and you feel good 

that you accomplished something that most people can’t do.  Kylie, clarinet

When you are in band, you feel more responsible.  You have an

 instrument to take care of and music to learn.  Veronica, clarinet

I enjoy the new friends I have met through playing an instrument because they enjoy the same thing you do!  Julie, clarinet

It is an excellent opportunity to learn to play an instrument and it could end up being your talent.  Erin, flute

It is challenging, but that’s what makes it fun.  Watching yourself improve, it is a joy.  Maddie, flute

It is fun and it is a good feeling when you play your instrument well.  Ben, trombone

The teachers have friendly ways of letting everyone be included and have fun.  Katie, oboe

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